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In addition to open play at any time, there are groups and leagues for men and women, events for couples and traveling leagues that visit other courses. Whether you are a scratch golfer or a high handicapper, there are golf opportunities for everyone.
MGA - Men's Golf Association
The Tonto Verde Men's Golf Association (MGA) is an organization of male members of the Tonto Verde Golf Club.  All are invited and encouraged to join.  The MGA strives to meet the needs of all members with inclusive programs providing its members with a variety of quality golf events, tournaments and an annual invitational.
WGA - Women’s Golf Association
The Tonto Verde Women’s Golf Association (WGA) is the 18-hole league organization.  WGA events are usually flighted based on handicaps for the teams.  Whether you are a scratch golfer or a high handicapper, all are welcome.  The WGA offers interested players three different traveling leagues competing against other clubs in the Phoenix area.
LNGA - "Niners"
Lady Niners Golf Association

The Tonto Verde Niners (LNGA) is the women's 9-hole league organization.  The LNGA is not designed to be a competitive golf league, but to encourage women to come out and play golf, have fun, enjoy the camaraderie and, in the process, improve their game.
CGA - Couples' Golf Association
The Tonto Verde Couples' Golf Association (CGA) is open to all golf club members.  Most Fridays during the season there are couples' events consisting of a 9-hole fun format followed by dinner in the Clubhouse.  The CGA also has four 18-hole tournaments throughout the season.
Lady Putters
The Lady Putters is open to all residents of Tonto Verde - you do not need to be a golf club member to enjoy. The Lady Putters is a great way for newcomers, 18-holers, 9-holers and non-golfers to meet their neighbors. Weekly events are held on our beautiful 18-hole natural grass putting course.