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Somin Lee

SominMembership Director

Somin is a Class A PGA Golf Professional. Somin believes that strong fundamentals are the cornerstone for any golfer looking to have a repeatable swing that produces consistent and desirable results on the golf course. She also understands that all golfers have their own unique swings and talents so she doesn’t have a “one swing fits all” mentality. Somin has learned that spending time with her students, learning about all the facets of their game and catering her teaching to fit their skills are the most effective ways to maximize their potential.
Somin received a full scholarship to Pepperdine University to play on the Women’s Golf Team. After she graduated in 2015, she turned professional to fulfill her dream of becoming an LPGA Tour player. While she was chasing her dream, she was offered a full-time position as an Assistant Golf Professional in Colorado, where she later became the Head Instructor for the Junior Golf Camp. This is where she reinforced her beliefs that golf is most enjoyable when you keep it simple and fun!

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