Tonto Verde

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To be a premier, activity rich, golf community in the northeast valley.


Tonto Verde commits to maintain its financial strength, and enhance the quality of life
and property values 
for our residents through our goals and objectives. 

Fiscal Responsibility-Enhance property-values, operate in a fiscally prudent-manner and maintain strong reserves.
Friendly-Support a friendly, diverse, welcoming atmosphere for all residents, guests and employees. 
Quality-Create excellence in all aspects of our association including the dining, golf and recreation experience for all residents and guests. 
Inclusiveness-Reach out and encourage resident participation in community government, golf and recreational groups. 
Leadership-Promote community service and leadership among governance, HOA units, golf and recreational groups to ensure a forward-looking, vibrant community.

Environment-Maintain and protect the quiet, rural, mountain setting that makes Tonto Verde a special place in the northeast valley.

Responsibility-Preserve the traditions and history that have shaped Tonto Verde including, championship golf, recreational and social events, and support of local charities.

Tradition/History-Foster integrity in all aspects of community life.
Integrity-Show respect for fellow residents, employees, and guests at all times. 
Mutual Respect-Treat all facilities and grounds as if they were our own.