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You may have read that water availability for the Rio Verde Foothills Community ("RVFC") may be restricted commencing January 1, 2023. Some national news media have made it sound like the Rio Verde Foothills is the same as Rio Verde (& Tonto Verde). It is important to understand that the RVFC and Rio Verde/Tonto Verde are NOT part of the same water district. Rio Verde and Tonto Verde do not share the same water issues as the same Foothills.

RVFH is a community of approximately 700 homes that extends from 172nd street to 136th street on both sides of Rio Verde Drive. While some of those homes have water wells, many others have had water trucked in from the city of Scottsdale. Scottsdale is seeking to conserve its own water in part, by shutting down deliveries to the Foothills area on January 1, 2023.

Tonto Verde, Rio Verde, and Trilogy are different, as all three have contractual water rights and obtain water from EPCOR. The developers of Rio Verde and Tonto Verde obtained water rights from the Commission when our community was planned and entered into an agreement with Rio Verde Utilities (now EPCOR) to build all the needed infrastructure to provide water to both communities and their golf courses. Our water comes from underground aquifers, and according to previous estimates, there is sufficient capacity to supply our entire water district, (Tonto Verde, Rio Verde, and Trilogy) for decades into the future.

I am also advised that while no one owns the aquifer under our properties, we are granted rights to draw against the aquifer.  Those rights are regulated by the Commission, and we are advised that the water in the aquifer is essentially designated for the use of the Rio Verde Water District which includes Tonto Verde.

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