History of Tonto Verde

In 1919 two ranchers obtained a homestead grant as well as leases on additional land on the west bank of the Verde River and formed the Box Bar Ranch. The Box Bar Ranch and the adjacent land eventually became Rio Verde.

Several Minneapolis, Minnesota investors began developing the Rio Verde community in 1971. When it was approaching build-out, another 695 acres were acquired which became Tonto Verde. Before construction started in Tonto Verde, an archaeological survey was conducted. Numerous Hohokam sites were identified on the land and nine significant ones were excavated in the fall of 1991.

In early 1992, construction began in Tonto Verde and by November of 1993, the first Tonto Verde golf course was ready for play. This course was called The Peaks for its panoramic mountain vistas, including breathtaking views of Four Peaks.

The first residents moved into their homes in November of 1994 and others quickly followed. In late 1996, a beautiful community clubhouse, overlooking two lakes and an 18-hole putting course, was ready for use. The view from the Clubhouse terrace with its vast mountain vistas is widely known as one of the most spectacular in the Phoenix and Scottsdale metropolitan area.

By 1999, construction on the second golf course was completed and was named The Ranch after its Box Bar Ranch heritage. This course also boasts great play-ability and fantastic mountain views.

By 2009, all lots had been sold, 613 homes were completed or under construction, and Tonto Verde became wholly owned by its residents. In that same year, a major renovation of the Clubhouse was undertaken to produce a stunning Santa Fe-style facility that received the first place 2010 award from Golf Inc., as the best clubhouse renovation in the country.

Even today anthropologists are amazed to still find lost treasures from long ago ...

People centuries ago who lived in the Verde River Valley were called the Hohokam. They became adept at utilizing the water from the Verde River to irrigate crops. The place we now call Tonto Verde!

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